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Research Alert

An exciting new piece of research has shown that fermented papaya powder significantly reduced 8-OHdG, an indicator of oxidative stress which has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease. Read more...

Fndings in another study suggest that orally-administered FPP showed a consistent biological and gene-regulatory improvement in the skin. Read more...

The findings in some 2015 radiation research suggest that FPP might reduce the long term effects of radiation. Read more...

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Carica papaya fruit in tree

TRE ANIME brings Zuccari's Fermented Papaya to Australia

Zuccari's Fermented Papaya Preparation is a food supplement with exceptional nutritional value as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and support for the immune system (see reported, current scientific findings in abstract from medical journal) - read about the many health promoting benefits of our Fermented Papaya product.

  • Produced to the highest standards in Italy by Zuccari
  • Only pulp from ripe Carica papaya is used
  • The bio-fermentation process further develops the properties of the papaya
  • Exclusive Optigran® granulation process optimises sublingual absorption
  • Available in convenient and affordable stick packs

Zuccari's Fermented Papaya Preparation (FPP) begins with fresh, ripe papayas that are slowly fermented by Zuccari’s unique natural process, that takes several months to complete. During this patented process, the bio-fermented papaya is spray dried and formulated into a fine, pleasant tasting, powder, which can be sprinkled under the tongue, dissolved, and swallowed.

TRE ANIME is a small business formed by two friends who, from different perspectives, recognised the value of Zuccari’s Fermented Papaya Preparation and decided that it should be available to Australians.

Fermented papaya has been used in Japan for decades, because Japanese scientists noticed that people with higher amounts of papaya in their diets experienced certain health benefits. It is also an extremely popular supplement in Italy, France, and other parts of Europe, where its benefits have been the subject of a variety of scientific studies.


Michelle is the mother of three young children and has her own small business, Nature's Dew, developing and producing a range of natural skincare products. This is her Papaya story...

Dear Kerrie,
Below is my observations on taking the papaya pockets.
I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this trial.
I first started taking the fermented papaya pockets on the 23rd December 2015. At the time I was very run down, stressed and felt a bit foggy in the head from lack of sleep. I have never been a good sleeper. After 7 days of taking 1 sachet each morning I noticed that I was feeling different. I wasn't as foggy in my head. I had more stamina, more energy and as a result was more productive. The sleep I was getting, while still not enough was better quality and I felt more rested. When I stopped taking the papaya after 6 weeks I initially did not notice a difference. However within 2 1/2 weeks my stamina had declined, I wasn't feeling as good overall, I wasn't as alert within myself and my sleep wasn't as refreshing.
I can definitely recommend the papaya to maintain and improve one's health.
Many thanks once again.
Kind regards,
Michelle Stone

Fermented Papaya versus Papaya Extract

Fermented Papaya and Papaya Extract are two quite different products. As Zuccari's technical director has said:

“The papaya extract contains papain and other active molecules as active ingredients, while our product doesn’t. Also the range of activity of the finished product is very different: the normal papaya extract is known for the enzymatic activity for digestion of protein, while our product is active as anti-aging, an antioxidant and immune-modulator.”

Antioxidant Activity

The main action of fermented papaya is against oxidative stress through its antioxidant activity. In laboratory tests it increased cell viability and decreased the action of free radicals. The results also reported that fermented papaya preparation prevented the breaking down of brain cells through the bax/bcl-2 sensitive pathway. [1]


There can be some restrictions of use for papaya extracts using unripe pulp, leaves or seeds of the plant. Our fermented product uses only the ripe pulp of the papaya, and is only contraindicated for individuals who are hyper-sensitive to the product itself or any of its ingredients.

Why Fermented Papaya Powder?

Whilst on a recent trip to Italy, Kerrie Barnett, co-founder of TRE ANIME, discovered Zuccari's Fermented Papaya Powder that restored her energy after a severe attack of the 'flu. Read more...

As a Rhythmic Massage Therapist, Toni Murray, co-founder of TRE ANIME, works both preventatively and curatively and uses Zuccari's Fermented Papaya Powder as an adjunct to her work. By introducing the fermented papaya product to Australia, she hopes that once added to your health menu, your body will be armed with what is traditionally recognised as one of Nature's best anti-inflammatories without the complications of side-effects. Read more...

What the scientific community is saying about FPP

The Effect of Fermented Papaya Powder on Patients with Alzheimer's Disease

In an exciting new piece of research, it has been shown that fermented papaya powder significantly reduced 8-OHdG, an indicator of oxidative stress which has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease. Read more...

A Fountain of Youth

In her article "Papaya: a Fountain of Youth", Dr Holly Lucille ND, RN, discusses the role Fermented Papaya Preparation can play in aging by reducing cell damage caused by oxidative stress from free radicals and boosting the immune system. She says:

“FPP can help by reducing oxidative stress and immune system decline. Additionally, fighting oxidative stress helps people retain their youthful appearance longer. Oxidative damage is the number one factor in facial aging." Read more on the role Fermented Papaya can play in aging...

One of Nature’s Best Anti-inflammatories

Papaya has been traditionally acknowledged as one of nature’s best anti-inflammatories, as well as having other benefits for health and well being. Today, scientific studies support this potential. Read more on Fermented Papaya as an anti-inflammatory...

Applications and Bioefficacy

In their article "Applications and bioefficacy of the functional food supplement fermented papaya preparation" Okezie I. Aruomaa, Yuki Hayashib, Francesco Marottac, Pierre Mantellob, Eliezer Rachmilewitzd and Luc Montagniere, report on the beneficial role that Fermented Papaya Preparation may play in conditions such as cancers, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular dysfunctions, neurodegenerative disorders (such as stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease), exercise physiology (including performance sports) and aging. Read more on how Fermented Papaya benefits disease...

Management of Anemia

In their article "Management of Anemia of Inflammation in the Elderly" Antonio Macciò and Clelia Madeddu, in collaboration with TEVA Italia, and  supported by the ‘‘Associazione Sarda per la ricerca in Oncologia Ginecologica-ONLUS”, report on the role of plant extracts in the management of anemia. Read more...